Tango Adorno

28 04 2008

Went to a special ‘adorno’ tango lesson the other Sat afternoon. A lesson where you learn the way the legs and feet should be styled so it enhances the dance expereince and the look of the womens legs.


It was taught by a dynamic mature woman Maina – she was very stylish herself in an off the shoulder top, who gave us lots of good info re the legs and how to manipulate the guy (slow down etc) so he dancers with you how you like it.

( it could have almost been a sex education lesson if you took out the dancing and did it lying down!)

The class was mainly women in their 30’s upward – elegant attractive women who became more so when dancing in this stlye!


Attended another class last night (28th April) Like anything its 2 steps forward, one back in trying to get the hang of this form. Will keep on trying.

Went to Malia’s party the other night to wish her well as she’s going to Oz for a while – to spend time with Guy of course but also to set up and arrange a season of NZ dance at the Melbourne Dancehouse. I think thats great. They plan to perform ‘Terrain’ and other NZ dance artists will be joining them to peform their own works. Kristian Larsen and Maria Dubrovska I think.

Have booked to go to see Legacy, a hiphop crew from Wellington, who are performing at the Taupo Arts Festival on the 12th May. Looking forward to seeing their show.

And going to Pilobolus on Wed night so will report back about that show later.





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