My work from 1981 ‘Saga’ on youtube in 2008

4 05 2008

Deb in Sagathis is a photo of Debra McCulloch in Saga – circa 1981.

Am still amazed that I have a dance on youtube! Someone else put it up there – not me. Bang goes any copyright issues but it’s wild out there in internetland and I’m chuffed and intrigued as to how/who put it up there.

28 years ago in July 1980, Limbs had the privilege of going to Papau New Guinea, representing NZ at the Pacific Arts festival. That trip inspired a dance called ‘Saga’. When we performed at the outdooor stage , Lincoln Park, New York (the night after Count Basie) in 1981 we were seen by the Director ( Rui Horta) of this contemporary dance company from Lisbon , Portugal. ( Can I just also add it got a rave review in NY!!)

in 1986, just as i was departing Limbs, Rui called me and asked if I could set this dance ‘Saga’ on his company. So in 1987 I went to Lisbon for 6 weeks and taught them my 30 min work.  I went on tour with them around Portugal and they performed it well.

in 2008 someone put in my name to ‘search’ on youtube and a 6 minute exceprt from ‘Saga’ comes up! What a surprise.

Dont you love it – how time works? ……..and the Internet!

The link is

The original cast was Douglas Wright, Mark Baldwin, Debra McCulloch and Adrian Batchelor, with Kilda Northcott, Alfred Williams and me. The video on youtube is danced by Portuguese dancers but they look pretty much like us I think.







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