Fringe and Arts festival shows cont

9 03 2009

On Wed I went to the Basement to see a late show ‘Regression Test’. cool name. 2 dancers, Josh and ….. – apparently Bhutto trained. I found it rather silly but endearing. Enjoyed it. Only young guys could have got away with it, cos it was a bit indulgent but not too long, a bit weird, but they were cute. If it had been young women or older men I wouldn’t have been so accepting I must admit.

Thur night went to ‘The Tempest’. In retrospect I was glad I saw it! At the time…..the opening moment was this terrible loud noise that was quite frightening but cathartic in its intensity but if you had a heart condition!!!. Then for the next 40 mins – more Bhutto slowness aaagh!…..( i think i had a little nap at some point here) then the last 30 mins was great – Tama Iti is a great presence onstage and didn’t go on for as long as he did when I saw it at their Corbans Estate venue – and loved the Tuhoe Haka from the audience.

Also loved the Kiribati (pronounced kiribas for some reason) dancers – they were fantastic. Lemi staged them well and their vocab is extraordinary – strange stlyised twitchy movements, small running steps gliding around. And Helen Todds amazing lighting.

The tradition with Bhutto is extremely loud sound, very slow movements. Have seen Sankai Juku a number of times but do feel that Lemi has found his own voice now.

On Fri saw ‘White Body’ hmmm. Another show I was glad i’d seen ….in retropsect! My friend Lou is a visual arts person and she loved it! I had been at the arts market PANNZ all day so was over it as far as viewing performing arts, and didn’t have much stamina. But we went backstage after and that was intriguing – meeting Ea Sola.

I wished i’d known before that the text was written by a 16 yr old French philosopher in the 16th century!! That was profound as the content was so relevant to today – about personal freedom.

On Sat and Sun was at a choreographers and playwrights conference.

Sat night – went into Queen st to experience the ‘Sing Sing’ – wasn’t as amazing as the light show in the Domain last year but was lovely in its own way. The stage and setup was great – closed off  Queen st next to Aotea Square up to Mayoral Drive – with stalls and things – cool.

At 10pm – went to ‘Self Portrait’, at the Art Lounge. Katie, Paul, the film maker and Julia did well. I was a bit overtired from the conference, but appreciated their dancing, the concept, the use of the space!

Looking forward to this week.




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