Edinburgh – first week

29 07 2013

The flights were challenging ( so much for relaxing – Air NZ was lovely – half empty plane, but Air France packed ugh) but we’re here now and getting over jet lag gradually3 days to a week I reckon!

Edinburgh is so cute architecturally – our theatre is a renovated church – very gothic – the dance studio where we are rehearsing is ok……great to get moving again, makes us feel better…….

We’re in the theatre this afternoon teching our show – Rachel – our lighting tech came with us from NZ thankfully – so looking forward to getting sorted on that level – then tomorrow we’re out there handing out flyers and trying to get posters into shops.

We have 2 preview shows this thur and fri then open officially on Saturday….we’ve already sold 137 tickets which is great.

The dancers are being fantastic – so lovely to see them rehearsing Horses and

MImagearching Girls yesterday, bringing my work to life again – its always a thrill!!






One response

30 07 2013

Och aye! Great you’ve had a safe arrival! Now, blow them out of the water with your first performance. How’s summer? Lx

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