Getting down to business

31 07 2013

The dancers are being so great!
Yesterday we went out postering and handing out flyers. The girls did really well getting posters into all sorts of places! Making friends and contacts so that they will hopefully come to our show.
Megan’Roxy Central our venue IMG_0577 IMG_0582 IMG_0583

our first sighting of our poster outside Assembly Gardens!!

s taken on the responsibility of handling the ticketing arrangements – comps etc which is brilliant for me so I can concentrate on the show!
The deal is we give out lots of comps as a form of publicity – hopefully they come see us (as the have free tickets!!) then its word of mouth cos our show is so great!
Our tech time and dress run the other night were ok – stressful but we go there! The venue is this old renovated church – very gothic, seating made up of rows of 12 x 25 rows….a long narrow auditorium, but a very atmospheric space with ancient stone walls and pillars. The staging is different again from how we’ve worked before but its ok.
We all went to the studio again yesterday and did a bit of a class then a runthru. Very satisfying. We were all exhausted by the end of the day. Phil and I went to one of the pubs downstairs and had fish and chips!…..then walked around a bit on the Royal Mile – saw our posters all over the pillars!
Today we are continuing the promo stuff, then meeting later for a shared meal before we go to the opening night party which apparently is important to do so we can talk up our show!




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