14 08 2013

Have been hearing this music so have just nipped down to the Grassmarket square to buy a CD of some music a duo are playing (drums and violin)  – they are The Imprints from Oz – cool!

Went to a ‘surgery’ last week – where the Fringe people offer workshops to assist performers with contacting presenters etc. The fringe people running it had heard of In Flagrante and heard that it was great – so that’s something!

Am going to a promoters brunch on Sunday to hopefully meet some.

Went to the Highlands on our day off on Monday – travelled as far as the North end of Loch Lomond – stopping at Stirling Castle on the way. Having been to the Mary Queen of Scots exhibition at the museum in Edinburgh – so twas cool to actually go there.

North of Loch Lomond we stayed on the spur of the moment at The Drovers Inn – really old, really cool, very Scottish. Ended up in the bar singing old Scots folk songs – which of course I realised I was very familiar with….such as ‘Loch Lomond’!!

Our audiences haven’t been too bad – in fact good on EdFringe terms! As there are 3000 shows on at the Fringe and over 120 of them Cabaret shows  -we are lucky to get an audience at all!  We are averaging about 50 – 80 a time….sometimes they are very enthusiastic….Sunday night show was magical, then again last night Tuesday 13th, was a tough audience – gave nothing!!

Have asked for a meeting with Frodo to ask his advice about various things and he has agreed – so will meet tonight. He replied saying our show was still his favourite of the fringe which is heartening cos its tough getting noticed here!

Timeout have asked for some photos so hope to get a Timeout review soon! A positive one obviously!

A Fringe reviewer came to the show on Sun apparently – crossed fingers we get a positive review from that!

Last night a dude asked to meet me afterward and asked if we would like to audition for France has got Talent!!! Apparently a woman from Crazy Horse is on the judging panel!

A dude the other night asked if we were open to being flown to The Seychelles for a private party!

Onward and upward…….




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