Five more shows

22 08 2013

Getting all sentimental now about ending our season at Ed Fringe! At this stage planning to come back again next year!
Having such lovely response from people – see this on our timeline after last nights show…..


Jake Dougal posted on In Flagrante’s timeline
“I have to be honest. I had never seen a show of this genre before, until tonight. And this will not be my last. I guarantee that.

I was absolutely astounded. The number of acts, each with their own individual theme, is striking and captivating. There is humour in all the right places; the shapes and forms created are utterly stunning; I felt hugely entertained throughout and even a little uneasy during one act, although I’m quite sure that was it’s purpose. All of the physical prowess is perfectly complimented by the exceptionally classy electro-swing soundtrack.

All involved have created a show of captivation, beauty and playfulness.

But most importantly, the cast were clearly having a fantastic time. Any show in which the cast radiate such indulgence and passion is a five star show in my books. (Not that my books are particularly important or anything…)

Will highly recommend to all!

(Also, for those considering going to see the show, don’t worry, you’ll only fall in love six times.)”




One response

24 08 2013
Peter Bennett

Thank you so much, Mary-Jane, for bringing such a great show to Edinburgh. Roll on next year and your next production….

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