The Seychelles private party performance!

22 11 2013

Flights – I’ve realised we have just flown the equivalent of to London and back in a week – for one performance!! It was worth though…….beautiful surroundings, cool client, fun times! The flights – one has to just be stoic and put up with it!! Emirates have great entertainment media offerings!

The Seychelles – are as beautiful as we are told. Strange rock formations, beautiful lagoons and bays!

Seychelles rockLagoon outside my room

Food – the food at the 5 star hotel where we were staying was scrumptious! Breakfast and dinner buffets….the desserts were especially delicious!

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet continued

We enjoyed the luxurious surroundings!

Our accommodation!

Performance – we arrived on the Wednesday, set lights, did spacing, did tech run-through on Thursday – all day. Then Friday did a full dress rehearsal in the morning and the performance was 10:30pm that night. Small private party of about 40 guests, we never met them but they seemed to really enjoy it……the women sitting at a table in front of the tech desk where I was standing to call the cues….never moved – they were transfixed!

Client – so we were flown to the Seychelles to perform In Flagrante for a private party for a businessman! They may ask us back? If they did – yes we would do it again!

Crew – the support team of mainly South African lighting and sound and backstage crew were awesome. Heaps of them  – all very professional and helpful!

After rehearsal

Dancers – the girls were super professional at all times – really proud of them. Thanks to Shanelle Lenehan (she also doubled as tour manager – thanks so much Shanelle!!), Amanda Macfarlane (we flew her in from London where she is now based!) Maria Munkowits (who performed the Whip solo with great aplomb!) Molly McDowall (her Pikelet solo was hugely enjoyed) Sofia McIntyre (she performed Traffic solo for the first time!! Did well!!)

Snorkelling  / tortoises – after the performance we had 2 1/2 days off to relax and enjoy ourselves! We went snorkelling and fell out of the kayaks trying to surf the waves back in!! We fed the tortoises – one was 150 years old! They liked having their necks stroked!

Ready for snorkelling

sunburnt butts after snorkelling!Tortoise friends

Victoria township – creole culture – the markets were cool – exotic, relaxed, nothing like Marrakech…..thanks goodness!!

Victoria Markets in The SeychellesGood for the blood




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