Street performances

11 08 2013

Street performancelast act of the day



The Royal Mile is packed with people and we are occasionally performing on the lower stage (1 of 3 stages set up).

Its a challenge but we have it sussed now. The stage as you can see is tiny so we do Horses and MG’s with a cast of 2!
Traffic is performed with clothes on also.

Eve the cigarette girl hands out flyers.

The dancers are swapping roles the whole time which is fun for them – and we had to edit the Horses number to take out the extra lascivious moves ( the plies in 2nd!)

We are sitting at the cafe below our pad in Grassmarket on a sunny/rainy day with bagpipes playing…….


Sat 10th……10 performances, 14 to go!

10 08 2013

Its 3pm in the afternoon as a write this……..we tend to sleep in til about 10am or more if possible!
The dancers are performing up a storm now – all their performances are growing in depth – and the audiences are building and gaining confidence in expressing their appreciation.
We hired the dance studio yesterday and I taught a class for the dancers, plus we did a bit of rehearsal. I’m really enjoying imparting my particular aesthetic more specifically to the dancers – and they are responding really well and looking fantastic. In NZ we don’t have this kind of opportunity as we are not a fulltime dance company – so here is special on that level as well.
Another street performance on the Royal Mile tonight at 6:10pm. They requested we tone down Horses so have taken out the sexy plie step – I think thats the one that shocks peeps!
Our Grassmarket pad is a great spot – Sat is market day so lots of 2nd hand stalls have taken over the square – about to go and look around.
When we come home around 1am or 2am this area is a zoo……of the human kind, with lots of hen party young women staggering around (I’ve asked the dancers to have them in mind when they perform the punk cancan in the show!) but at the mo all sweet and family friendly.
We’ve hired a car for Mon and Tue – Mon is our night off – no performance – so Phil and I going to explore a bit of Scotland!

No Tassels Required

7 08 2013

No Tassels Required

Broadway Baby Rating:
As a man who has seen more cabaret and burlesque than any sane person should; I was unconvinced by the promise of ‘An all out rebellion against female sexual stereotypes’ but after an hour of pony-girl dressage, hospital fetish strip-tease, sensual ballet and synchronised marching, I have to say that In Flagrante is definitely a contender for sexiest show on the Fringe.

The cast of six beautiful dancers have clearly considered the difference between sexy and sexist and, with tight choreography and perfect music choices, the show manages to make the audience consider the same question. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill burlesque act. There were no whoops or whistles during the routines, just a breathless silence that always ended with a chuckle or a cheer for the departing ladies.

Apart from one routine that initially drew gasps with a domestic violence theme before losing conviction towards the end and one or two problems with music cues, In Flagrante is a sexy, thought-provoking, sensual experience and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Frodo McDaniel
Frodo McDaniel has written 4 reviews for Broadway Baby since joining the team in 2012.


Edinburgh – first week

29 07 2013

The flights were challenging ( so much for relaxing – Air NZ was lovely – half empty plane, but Air France packed ugh) but we’re here now and getting over jet lag gradually3 days to a week I reckon!

Edinburgh is so cute architecturally – our theatre is a renovated church – very gothic – the dance studio where we are rehearsing is ok……great to get moving again, makes us feel better…….

We’re in the theatre this afternoon teching our show – Rachel – our lighting tech came with us from NZ thankfully – so looking forward to getting sorted on that level – then tomorrow we’re out there handing out flyers and trying to get posters into shops.

We have 2 preview shows this thur and fri then open officially on Saturday….we’ve already sold 137 tickets which is great.

The dancers are being fantastic – so lovely to see them rehearsing Horses and

MImagearching Girls yesterday, bringing my work to life again – its always a thrill!!



Heading off tomorrow….

24 07 2013

We have managed to contain our whole show in 3 large suitcases weighing under 23 kgs and a black plastic box holding the Redondo stool and the hatbox – whew!

Had a lovely night last night – the dancers came over, I performed my Witch Bitch dance for them, then we viewed the most recent In Flagrante performance (from The Vic show) and I gave notes (the dancers are fab but we were looking at performance tone and body alignment mainly)…… then we had a potluck dinner…..then we packed the costumes and props, its good that they pack there own costumes so we know its all there!
We’re meeting at 5:30am at the airport as we are 9 altogether counting Rachel Marlow our technician, so its rather a large group. We depart at 8:30 and 31 hours later we’ll be in Edinburgh – aaaagh!

I’m looking forward to relaxing once we’re on the plane!!Image

MJ doing Witch Bitch at the Tango Studio.

Edinburgh Fringe invitation!!

11 07 2013

We are 2 weeks away from departing New Zealand and flying to Edinburgh to perform our contemporary cabaret show In Flagrante at the Fringe Festival!
Notice of our selection was in late March and since then we’ve been flat out raising funds and getting ready to go!

We performed In Flagrante in May at a local theatre (The Vic in Devonport) and sold out and I have to say the dancers were on fire!! They are so buzzed about going to Edinburgh – they performed up a storm! I’m attaching some photos from the dress rehearsal taken by dear friend Bruce Jarvis….it had been nearly 6 months since we’d performed the whole show but it was still in the dancers bodies so it came together really well!ImageImage

We are flying for 31 hours to get there. Whew – haven’t travelled to the Northern Hemisphere for nearly 20 years so very excited about going there… last big trip was Buenos Aires in 2009……nine of us are going – 6 dancers, Phil and I and the tech Rachel.

We have a publicist Calvin Wynter from Inbrook (based in Brooklyn NY but very Edinburgh savvy) and I’ll post his media release in my next post as he’s added some NY energy to our original release – we think its fab.

Talk soon xx



My Mother’s Ball Gowns

9 07 2012

I’ve just heard that Doris from the Fashion Museum (online) is keen to see my Mum’s gowns which she handsewed herself, to maybe include them in her online museum – cool!!

Mum always reckoned she wasn’t creative but she was an amazing sewer – making her own clothes beautifully and all my costumes and tutus as a child! My Mum is now sliding peacefully into old age – she’s 88 – I say peacefully because for a long time it was a complete struggle for her, thenk goodness she is philosophical about it now! My sisters and I swear we’re not going to be like that!!