Fri 6th performance ……

4 12 2013

Galatos this Friday – yay!
Really hope it works production wise as keen to use this venue more often!

2 shows back to back  – 7pm and 9:30pm…..

Ticket sales going well – people like Galatos if they know it! We had a great article and ad in Sat Herald.

We also did promo Marching Girls around town like we did in Edinburgh – seemed to work really well! Once they see the MG’s they are keen for a flyer he he….

A new dancer  – Georgie Goater – very exciting dancer – cool addition to the lineup! New solo – she looks amazing!
Phil made their hats last night – so clever – very smart! The costumes for Molly and Georgie are one in red and one in blue stretch velvet – should look fab!

I see this post is full of exclamation marks – its how I feel at the mo….aaaagh!

I’ll come back to this post with images a bit later but will post now…….






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